Dalton grew up on Okinawa Japan and in Onalaska, Wisconsin where he was involved in many forms of entertainment including dramatic productions as a lead performer and various forms of competitive Choir, he also won awards for best male vocalist in both solo ensambel and show choir competitions.  Showchoir.com had him ranked number 0ne in the nation as a male solo vocalist in the Fall of 2012.  

       He draws a lot of his inspiration from artists such as Robert Plant, James Brown, Michael Jackson and William Bailey (Axl Rose). 

       His desire for this group is that they would be able to authentically represent this generation through original rock music, while paying homage to the greats that came before them.


    Born in Madison and raised in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Cohan first picked up the guitar  in 2006. He took his brother's guitar and started to teach himself how to play.
    having studied Jazz combo and improvisation, as well as music theory, Cohan has always been searching for ways to incorporate interesting sounds into his playing.

    His influences include, Randy Rhoads, Slash and Eddie Van Halen, just to name a few.


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